Celebrations Around The World


Katy Halford

Content: The book narrates about different celebrations around world from different countries and different cultures and religions
Age group: 7 to 10 years
Size : 24.8×1×24.7 cm
Pages: 48
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Ignorance is the root of all misunderstandings. The more we know about our world and the people and belief systems around us, the more broad minded we become. When growing up, it is quite natural that we gets acquainted with only our own culture or maybe one more other community depending on the place we live or people we are friends with. And since we don’t know what other cultures are about, we often get conditioned that ‘they’ don’t belong to ‘us’.

Books like these that introduce faith and traditions of different religions, countries, cultures is a worth keep in any children’s library to overthrow such wrong concepts . The beautiful illustrations and the details about the celebrations like food will convey the message of beauty of diversity without sounding preachy. Also this will be a great book to slowly include non fiction in your little home library.


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