We offer handpicked children's books for 0 to 12 year old to build an aware and kind generation.

There are a lot of children’s books out there. The task is to find the best among them. Unfortunately, adults do not have the luxury of time to carry out the herculean task. The Sprouts Books helps you just with that. We curate and keep the best children’s books for you all at one stop. Your search for the right book ends here. That is cheesy. But trust us. That is true.

Our Little Company

The Sprouts is our small step towards a greater mission of raising readers. We have always believed that ideas change the world. And books are the best companions to get the ideas on board. May it be an adult or a child, we believe reading is the best tool to mould them into people of character and calibre. 

We are based in Kerala, India. We ship pan India.

Our Team

We are a team of two sisters who run this small business. But we have many little hands supporting us in this venture from family, friends, and for sure, all of you who are keen to raise little readers.

Jessica Gordon


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