The Incredible Life of Milkha Singh : The Runner Who Could Fly


By Swati Sengupta

Content: In a small village in Punjab, amidst the upheaval of violence that snatched away his family and home, teenager Milkha Singh found solace and purpose in running, eventually becoming India’s finest athlete, winning medals, setting records, and inspiring generations with his remarkable life story.

Age group: 8 to 12 years

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In a small village in Punjab, little Milkha Singh grew up, loved by his parents, surrounded by open fields where he could run, play, and fly kites. In the heat of summer, when he had to walk to school barefoot, he would run like the wind so he could get home fast. And then, one day, in the midst of terrible violence and upheaval, his family and home were snatched away forever. Milkha, still a teenager, found himself alone and friendless, till he was recruited into the Army. Here, he finally found his passion and joy—running.

Despite overwhelming odds, Milkha trained and practised with one goal in mind—to become the best runner for India. Eventually, he did do so— winning medals in international and national sporting events, creating records that stood the test of time, and becoming an inspiration for every Indian forever.

In this well-researched and lucid biography, the astonishing life of Milkha Singh comes alive—a story that will inspire and motivate generations of Indians.


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