Plastic Sucks! You can make a Difference.


By Dougie Poynter

Content: This book is about how children can fight plastic that pollutes our earth with opinions from different environmentalists and activists. It includes illustrated comprehensive information about plastic and many practical solutions to make a difference individually as a growing generation.

Age group: 9 to 12years
Size : 15.2×1.5×19.7cm
Pages: 192
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This book is by the environmentalist Dougie Poynter who is actively participating in the forefront of saving our planet earth from various menaces including plastic.
In this book he clearly introduces how plastic grew to be what it is now and how each of us can fight it. It is written in the language of children with colorful and eye catching illustrations. Practical steps to fight plastic along with the accounts of various works by environmentalist will inspire the young readers to do better in future.


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